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worldbuilders's Journal

Fantasy and Role-playing Worldbuilders' Guild
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Community for all the worldbuilders out there, whether you write original fiction or create your own campaign worlds for RPGs. Gather here to discuss politics, languages, flora and fauna of your creations.

Upon joining, please:
# Briefly introduce yourself
# Tell us a bit about the background of the world you're building.
# Introduce your world. Politics, technology level, genre, whatever else may seem approtiate
# If we can find your world somewhere online, please tell us where

This is so that we'll all know a bit about who is in the community with us. Feel free to adjust your introduction depending on your specific circumstances.

Posts can deal with anything from specific races/native species to politics and languages. Please keep in mind that we're here to discuss, it is a bonus if you write your post in a way such as to encourage discussion.

This community is maintained by quoting_mungo. She will expect you to follow netiquette.
Questions and musings are encouraged, attacks on other community members will result in a warning and if inapprotiate behaviour recurrs there will be bannings. This includes attacks connectable to the community through email or comments in private journals. If such would occur, please contact quoting_mungo. I don't expect anything such to happen, just stating rules ahead of time.

First and foremost, though: Enjoy yourselves!